Photo of board meeting as TCCU is soliciting members.

An Associate Board Member (ABM) would be a non-voting member of the Board of Directors. They would participate in all discussions at the board meeting, could be appointed to sub-committees, and are subject to the Directorship Responsibility Policy.

Reasons why we need an ABM?

It’s an excellent way to introduce new members to the board. They get to experience how our board functions and the responsibilities involved. At the same time, the board gets to know the ABM and evaluates whether this person would make a good board member. However, an ABM’s becoming a board member is not guaranteed.

When a board member decides to retire, we would have an ABM ready to enter the opening. There would not be a learning curve, and they would be current on issues. If a current board member retires before the annual meeting, they could be appointed as interim board members.

Finding Interested Members

To find a member interested in becoming an Associate Board Member, we may place an ad in our newsletter or the local newspaper or display displays in the lobby. Staff or board members may also refer members interested in serving in this capacity.


A member interested in becoming an ABM will submit a cover letter, resume, and completed application to the board.


All applications are subject to approval by a majority vote of the board.


The ABM will be asked to read and sign the confidentiality statement in the credit union’s policies on appointment. The ABM will also be given all pertinent information on their role and the time and place of the monthly meetings.


The role of a credit union board of directors is not to be taken lightly. Therefore, within 12 months of their appointment, the ABM should have completed the following VAP courses.

V100M-Board of Directors, Duties & Responsibilities
V406M-Director’s Liability
V02M-Financial Reports
V01M-History & Philosophy


Any breach of confidentiality may be grounds for immediate dismissal of the ABM. The board of directors can dismiss an ABM at any time by a majority vote.

How to Apply

Visit us at 905 Pennoyer to pick up an application today!