Couple holding car keys in ad for Michigan's new electronic title service.

The green-paper days are over.

In October 2023, the state of Michigan began switching over to an electronic title system.
We offer competitive car loans at Tri-Cities Credit Union and have been getting some questions about the new way titles work; we wanted to share what you need to know.
When a member chooses us to finance their car, Tri-Cities Credit Union will receive an electronic title for the new vehicle.
This “e-title” will be released to the owner on paper when the vehicle is fully paid off.
In Michigan, if you need to provide proof of ownership for your vehicle, your registration is now considered legally binding.
If you have plans to sell your automobile, your potential buyer (or their lender) can request a copy of the “e-title” to complete the transaction. Once the buyer’s transaction pays the loan in full, TCCU will request the Secretary Of State to print a lien-free title and mail it to you. (At participating SOS Branches, you can pay for an instant lien-free title if you coordinate the process with TCCU.) Once you receive the paperwork, you sign the document as the seller and give it to the buyer. It is then up to the buyer to take the title to the SOS for a transfer of ownership.
Many states have been using electronic titles for years. Michigan observed how other places handled the process and has tried to streamline it as best as possible.
Change can sometimes be challenging, and if you have any questions about electronic titles, we will gladly walk you through them.