VISA Cardholders Now Can Use Pay Apps On Their Phones.

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You’re at the checkout and realize that you left your wallet at home. No problem, you can now use your phone to pay by connecting your Tri-Cities Credit Union Visa card to the pay app available on most phones today. Whether you use ApplePay, GooglePay, or SamsungPay they are all able to be connected to your Visa card.

The NFC (Near Field Communication) combined with token encryption has made this a very secure option over just swiping your card. ApplePay is available on a growing number of terminals today and works with iPhone 6 and newer. Samsung has incorporated magnetic secure transmission (MST) technology as well. Hold a phone against a payment terminal and it will emit a signal that simulates the magnetic strip on a debit or credit card. The allows you to use SamsungPay on almost all terminals except for pay at the pump or any other application where you need to insert the card into a slot.  GooglePay can be used for the following types of transactions: Tap & Pay at NFC (Similar to ApplePay) enabled payment terminals.




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